China Box: Investor Centre

Uniquely positioned Edtech supplier, offering scalable growth of high margin, in-demand digital products, via annual subscription.

Conceptualised in 2012 by Grammar School Languages Veteran - Carol Austin, China Box’s first incarnation was composed  to provide one solution to two common problems:

1) Primary schools looking to introduce the language but having no Mandarin proficient staff,
2) Contracted Chinese speaking teachers are less familiar with the English structured teaching formats and dynamics which can result in substandard learning.

"China Box solves the long-standing problem of accessibility to Mandarin content suitabe for any primary school"

Overcoming these fundamental hurdles was the objective so that pupils could begin learning Mandarin at an age widely acknowledged as most receptive. The first draft scheme of work comprised formalised, structured lesson plans in both English & Mandarin, supported by authentic pronunciation audio files.

In 2016 Technology Consultant Mike Austin was introduced to transform the initial draft into a fully fledged online platform, including an enhanced media suite.  Subsequent additions to the development team include a Schools Coordinator, a Commercial Director and Tai Chi Consultant with Mike Austin holding post as MD.

Let's get this (trade) show on the road...

China Box embark on a UK trade show tour, as part of it's commercial launch strategy.

Market Insight: 15,000 primary schools in U.K., including 2,500 independent schools, Mandarin demand growing as exam entries exceed German at A Level, Co-op Academies introduced Mandarin in 2018 as part of post-Brexit preparation